Where will YOU be by the winter holidays? Run down, or ready to roar?

Celebrating an awesome year or wondering what derailed you? 

I am beyond excited to announce my all new, EXCLUSIVE online mastermind for women who are MADE FOR MORE.


You can't build a business/career or a life from the outside in, you gotta build it from the inside out. So we are going to focus on getting your mindset on point from the word go. Next up we'll set some real tangible goals and start breaking down the limiting self beliefs that have been holding you back. And the whole time we'll be doing this together. Starting in July to wrap up 2019 strong and leap into 2020.

For the first time ever, I'm opening up a 90 Day program that doesn't just focus on your business/career, but on ALL of YOU. Your business/career, your mindset, your life ... and at a price everyone can afford. Just $495 a month for 3 months or a discounted single payment of $1297. 

 And it's going to be real intimate ...exclusively for 12 women only.

I know you didn't come this far to only get this far. 

I'm MADE FOR MORE (Discounted 1 pay option)

Made For More isn't for everyone.

It's time to stop getting in your own way and time to start getting the help, support and cheerleading you need. You ready?!

It's not about what stage your business/career where you feel STUCK but you know there is more. It's whether you are ready for change. If you're fed up with being fed up and tired of standing in your own way. This is for you.  If you're constantly taking care of others and leaving yourself last on the list. This is for you.  If you feel overwhelmed and yet know there is more you should and could be doing. This is for you. 

Places are STRICTLY limited and once they are gone, they are gone. If you're ready to take your life and your business to the next level, click the link and grab your place before they go!

Weekly Coaching Calls

  •  LIVE: Weekly 90 minutes check in coaching calls via Zoom platform. Whatever you got, bring it and together we'll fix it - meeting you short term goals. On alternative weeks, we will build on strong foundations of high performance training. That is our long term goal. Travelling extensively? we've got you covered as calls are all recorded and in a member site.
  •  Support: Even when you feel stuck, you will never stay stuck.
  •  Accountability: Keeping you focused and moving towards your goals. 

Mindset Makeover

  •  MINDSET: Time to give yours a make over. 
  •  Self Worth: Time to embrace your real self worth - in your business and the rest of your life. 
  •  Self Belief: Develop rock solid self belief that will see you through any challenge. 

Support Network

  •  COMMUNITY: An online community of a real sisterhood. No drama, all karma. 
  •  Mastermind: Share your experiences and learn from others. 
  •  Support: Never feel alone, no matter what the challenge.
  • Q&A:  Have your questions answered in addition to our weekly calls on members group.

"In true Asian Style, Cheryl provided a structured session of strategies of successful people and got us to list our actions that will prepare us for the change to lead a sustainable high performing life. In Cheryl's words, "Start by making those little tweaks.""

Louisa Lee
Serial and Parallel Entrepreneur, Winner of EY Award


Want to uplevel your business/career? You got it. I can do this piece in my sleep. For the next 90 Day you can ask me anything you like about your business/career and get my direct help and feedback.

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to do next? Let's unpack all that sh*t together. And fix it.

Feel like you're doing this all alone? Not any more you're not. I got you.

Cheryl Liew

The author of the international Bestseller 'The 24-Hour Woman: High High Achieving Stressed Women Manage It All and STILL Find Happiness” and award winning high performance coach, Cheryl has been a lifelong supporter of encouraging more women to thrive in what they do in business/career, having spent more than 20 years in the lobal corporate arena before transiting to being an entrepreneur.

She is one of 3 certified high performance coach certified by the High Performance Institute in Asia and have worked with women business leaders/entrepreneurs globally towards their success in business/career and life. She is also a a member of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches.

Cheryl inspires positive action with her no-nonsense, no-excuse advice and has made it her mission to help as many women as possible to create a life and business/career on their terms.

Mom to 3 boys. Bestselling Author. International Keynote Speaker . High Performance Coach. World Traveller. Joyful Catalyst who loves to cook.

I'm MADE FOR MORE (Discounted 1 Pay Option)

"Before working with Cheryl, I was struggling with uncertainty and lack of confidence in my life. Now, I'm able to get momentum and accelerate my progress. The biggest benefit in applying what Cheryl teaches is being able to have more control and accountability in my life. My advice for those thinking about working with Cheryl is to take the first step and be ready for awesome outcomes."

Lou-Ann Seet
Aviation Industry

"Cheryl is an outstanding Coach and Individual who promotes the success for others. Her passion radiates and inspires people to find a better version of themselves. She is one of the most authentic people who really care for others' success. I wish her all the best and encourage more people to be inspired by her passion as much as I am!"

Fifi Henirawati Hoo
Co-Founder / CEO at WE+ PT KITA INDONESIA PLUS, Former President Director at BP Castrol Indonesia

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