Arrive for breakfast,  then we’re going to get straight into our day before taking a break for lunch (think delicious and healthy and Instagramable!) then we’re going to dive right back in before wrapping the day up with drinks by the waters.

So what are you going to actually get /learn from the day? What are you going to be able to take away with you at the end of the day - as well as a little goody bag?! Well, we’re going to focus on the 3 core areas that are going to have the biggest and most immediate impact on achieving your goals in your career/business.  

YES Outcomes Driven!

Our focus will be on clarifying, prioritising, executing ... and then whatever your ‘wildcard’ is that you need help with: 

  • Laser focus on 3 main things that will move the needle, what to prune and what to park for next year, in other words do what is needed right now for the outcome you desire.
  • With clarity and laser focus on outcomes leads to performance and process execution that leaves overwhelm and procrastination behind replacing with confidence, momentum and freedom.
  • Growing your influence quickly and effectively, without spending money nor having a title.
  • Building an awesome personal brand - just by being you. One that people are drawn to for the matter at hand. 
  • Your ‘wildcard’ whatever you want to work on.  

Plus, you’ll get a 1:1 pre call to get you set up before you even get to me and a 1:1 call with me 2 weeks later.  

This is on an absolute first come first booked basis ... 

I used to charge $10,000 for a VIP day and the truth is I don’t do them any more.

The only way to work with me now is 1:1 over 90 days at $25,000

This is an absolute no brainier for anyone who is serious about stepping up and taking their career or business to a whole new level.  

Only for people who want to take action and get results quickly. My people.  

Book your place now before they disappear ... if they’ve gone by the time you click on the link, you’ll be signed up to a waiting list ...  

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"In true Asian Style, Cheryl provided a structured session of strategies of successful people and got us to list our actions that will prepare us for the change to lead a sustainable high performing life. In Cheryl's words, "Start by making those little tweaks.""

Serial and Parallel Entrepreneur. EY Award Winner

"Cheryl is an outstanding Coach and Individual who promotes the success for others. Her passion radiates and inspires people to find a better version of themselves. She is one of the most authentic people who really care for others' success. I wish her all the best and encourage more people to be inspired by her passion as much as I am!"

Fifi Henirawati Hoo
Founder / CEO at WE+ PT KITA INDONESIA PLUS, Former The President Director of BP Castrol Indonesia

VIP Mastermind Day ***10 PEOPLE ONLY*** June 28, Singapore


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