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book publishing business Sep 25, 2017
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The other day I was having a conversation with one of my colleagues, and he was sharing with me some of the best ways to reach your audience and serve them…

And some really interesting tips came out of that talk that I haven’t shared until now.

You know... and I know…  that whether you're in the public arena, or you're an entrepreneur, it is important that you get your message out there.

And one of the best ways that I have found is to publish a book.

You may know of my best selling book, The 24 Hour Woman: How High Achieving, Stressed Women Manage it All, and Still Find Happiness.

Believe me when I say that writing this book was not easy for me!

Yet the reason why I pushed through and got it done was because I needed to amplify my message. I had to connect more deeply with the people I serve.

For you, whether you are in the corporate arena, or you’re an established business owner, or a start up...

One of the major things that you really need to do is to be able to get your message out there. You need to let people know that your products and services are available.

They need to know, from you, how you can change their life. What difference you can make in their lives.

And one of the best ways is to publish.

So, I'm going to be sharing with you today how you can publish, and some powerful insights into my struggle.

Personally, I am way more comfortable on stage, or training, or in front of the camera, than to sit down and write. So, that was one of my biggest challenges.

But, if your desire to serve is bigger than your fears and the hard work that you need to get it done, then you do it, and it winds up being not as difficult as you think.

So let’s dig into the five steps that I took to publish my best-selling book, The 24-Hour Woman.

5 Steps For Publishing a Best-Selling Book

Step 1: Write the book.

If you don't write the book, there's nothing to go for, right?

Start with your key notes, inspiring stories, your philosophy, and frameworks for success that you can share in the book.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and share things you never have before - including your biggest failures.

Being completely authentic while adding value to people with really amplify your message as your new book gets into people’s hands.

Step 2: Decide how you're going to publish your book.

Traditionally, you had to work with a publisher to get your book out there.

Not anymore. People worldwide have embraced the “self publish” movement and it’s now easier than ever to write and publish your own book through Amazon.

As for me, I suggest you do a hybrid. There’s a lot to this that I can’t cover here, so I’ll write a separate blog post detailing more about the decisions… for now, I suggest you start looking around at what your mentors are doing and begin the research process to see what’s best for you.

Step 3: Create a website

This is something that I learned from my mentor, Brendon Burchard, who has launched several international best-selling books.

He says: "Do up a webpage. Don't count on the book stores and your book to do all the selling. If it is important enough for you, make it available. Make it easy for people to access it, and do up a webpage, where they can find out more about a book, where they can connect with you about the book, where they can buy the book from you."

I would suggest to get your website done as you do the manuscript, because then the ideas from your book and website will come together to create amazing things.

Step 4: Get Promotional Partners

Next up is to attract some amazing promotional partners.

For those of you starting out (and particularly in the corporate arena), who may not know much about getting promotional partners…

Think of it as the young professional associations. Think of it as your networks. Or people in your industry.

People who can help share your story, who can help share your book. Who can help you publicise about the book. Those are your promotional partners.

Some of your best pals will be able to help you get your message out there.

Step 5: Launch Your Book!

Finally, number five, you've got to launch the book!

I've known of so many people who wrote the book, and it sat in their office, or in their store room for the longest time…

And the book never got to market! It never had a chance to help other people.

Which means you as a thought leader in your industry, you as a thought leader in your career, you as a thought leader in your business have failed.

Because you have not gotten your message out there, and you have not had taken the chance to amplify who you are, and what you have to offer. All those stacks and stacks of books are locked up in your office.

So once you have it… don’t hide your brilliance from the world.

Share it with a genuine desire to serve others, and you’ll go far.

Your Next Steps

Ok so those are high level, big steps to take.

Now if you’re wondering:  "Okay, how can I get this done? Who can support me?"

Well, I want you to know that the 24 Hour Woman serves as a base to help you prepare yourself right now to do the tough stuff.

To help you get started, I’ve created a download of chapter five of my best selling book here.

Chapter five talks about the five pillars of the 24 Hour Woman. Read that, practice it, and get your foundation for success established as you head out and get your book created and launched.

I would love to hear from you about which of the pillars worked best for you, and number two, I love to hear which of the five big steps in terms of publishing you want me to talk a little bit more about.

But, for now, click here to download chapter five from my bestselling book on the 5 pillars of the 24 Hour Woman.


To a life most excellent,
Cheryl Liew-Chng

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