The Premise: An excerpt from The 24-Hour Woman: How high achieving stressed women manage it all and STILL find happiness. (2015)

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2019

We live in a highly mobile, always on, 24/7 society. Our modern, hectic, and sometimes chaotic environment forces us to commit to more, thus squeezing more out of each day. Whether you are a working mom coping with kids and a career, a caregiver juggling between the needs of a dependent and your work, a thriving and multi-talented entrepreneur taking on the world, or a baby boomer lacking the possibility of true “retirement,” this book is for you—offering a tool for building the beautiful tapestry of your legacy, even amidst the challenges of your hectic and sometimes chaotic life.

Why now? With career opportunities abounding in business, and our culture and society transforming in the last decade, now is the opportune time to pull back the curtains to unveil a vibrant and joyous life. Technology (new social media and collaborative systems that allow telecommuting and flexible work), demographic shifts (gender and generation shifts that increase the number of women in the workplace as the population ages), and globalization (the world feeling a lot smaller than it once did) have changed the context of business and the workplace. These shifts provide new options for women to plug in, literally, to new careers and work setups—locally, regionally, and internationally.

At some point, as women attempt to juggle all of their expectations, they often get struck by the realization that they need to be more authentic to themselves, so that they can have lives that are more vibrant and happy. As you can see, all of these common themes—although they are common—also have the tendency to pull us in conflicting directions. That’s where the tension of the 24-Hour Woman comes in. We all have twenty-four hours. What do we choose to do with them? Do we focus on what is right in front of us? Or do we dare to look further out at the horizon of twenty-four hours—and what might be beyond it? Certainly, our day-to-day habits matter. But what I want to encourage you to do proactively now—because I think at some point in your life you will be compelled to ask yourself some of these same questions—is to look at the longer-term view, which is the horizon, or your legacy.

As long as you keep your legacy in perspective, even if life throws you lemons and disrupts your plan, you will know that you are working towards a bigger picture. You can learn to adapt and evolve with resilience.



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Credit: Blog post photo is taken by Ramon Ray at The Dell Women Entrepreneur Network meeting in Singapore.


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