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Secrets to thrive in work/business and STILL live a happy, vibrant and fulfilling life from award winning and high performance coach Cheryl Liew

Finding a gift in disguise

As part of an autumn series, this week I share part of Chapter 1 from The 24-Hour Woman; How high achieving stressed women manage it all and STILL find happiness, (you can find last week’s entries, here).

As you read through this piece, I invite you to consider someone in your life who sounds like someone the passage below and consider how you might support them.

Here we go…

Come, and meet some friends of mine. Each is intelligent, confident, and high achieving in her own right. Do you know anyone like them? Are you asking questions like theirs?

Meet Esther:

a Gen Xer Who Cares for Dependents, Has a Full-time Career, and Is Both Work and Family Focused
Esther is the youngest employee ever in the history of her international engineering firm to have been appointed operations director. She has a bright career future before her at the age of thirty- two.

Esther and her husband, Daniel, are raising their young son, Mack, who spends much of his day with a caregiver. Esther...

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5 Simple Shifts for A Huge Payoff

The first thing you need to know is that being a HIGH performer beats being a PEAK performer every time. Why? Because being a high performer is a woman with a long-standing impact and a strong, long success story. How do you create this?

Beginning of Transcription –

Welcome to The 24 Hour Woman Show with Cheryl Liew-Chng.

I received a very awesome question this week and the question has to do with how can I become a high performer? I love, love, love this question because I think all of us have the potential to be a high performer, but first of all, what does it all mean?

High performer is different from a peak performer. A peak performer is one, you know, you peak on one day and then you crash on the rest of the days. A high performer is one who consistently delivering exceedingly good results over a long period of time. Wouldn’t you like to be one? A high performer who’s an achiever delivering consistently over a long period of time exceedingly great results?


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How to Overcome Burnout

Life can overwhelm you with all the things you need to do. This can cause burnout where you feel like you are running on a treadmill and just can’t get off. This can be detrimental to your health as well as your life goals.

“Burnout will stop us in our track from accomplishing our ambitions,” says Cheryl Liew-Chng, CEO/Founder of LifeWorkz, Creator of The 24-Hour Woman. “If you don’t do anything, you will feel like you are in a downward spiral and can’t get out.”

To avoid burnout, you need to have a plan in place, so you can combat the growing threat this places on your daily productivity and energy. Try these tips to help you eliminate burnout from your life.

1.    Create A Schedule
Scheduling your life will not only make you more productive, but it will allow you to know what you should be doing each moment of the day. You need to schedule your work time as well as your downtime. You should even create a schedule for...

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Huge Difference in Being Busy vs......

Yikes! It's nearly Q3 already. 

So here’s a critical  question?

What’s the BIGGEST difference between someone who is productive and someone who is just ‘busy’.

When it comes to results, the productive person lives a much happier life. So do you sometimes fall into the trap of just being busy or are you being truly productive or?

Today’s video blog unlocks that critical distinction for you, so that you can DO LESS and GET MORE.

Some some BIG things coming for you next week.

Let me give you a quick preview:
We’re releasing an exclusive new Web Event Series that teaches you how to THINK like a high achiever, how to thrive in your work and business and live a totally vibrant life. These are the thinking techniques that took me YEARS to learn. IN the next two weeks, they will be yours. And all you need do is to sign up for our newsletter in the opt-in above to get first in line to get the announcement of...

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