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Secrets to thrive in work/business and STILL live a happy, vibrant and fulfilling life from award winning and high performance coach Cheryl Liew

Finding a gift in disguise

As part of an autumn series, this week I share part of Chapter 1 from The 24-Hour Woman; How high achieving stressed women manage it all and STILL find happiness, (you can find last week’s entries, here).

As you read through this piece, I invite you to consider someone in your life who sounds like someone the passage below and consider how you might support them.

Here we go…

Come, and meet some friends of mine. Each is intelligent, confident, and high achieving in her own right. Do you know anyone like them? Are you asking questions like theirs?

Meet Esther:

a Gen Xer Who Cares for Dependents, Has a Full-time Career, and Is Both Work and Family Focused
Esther is the youngest employee ever in the history of her international engineering firm to have been appointed operations director. She has a bright career future before her at the age of thirty- two.

Esther and her husband, Daniel, are raising their young son, Mack, who spends much of his day with a caregiver. Esther...

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