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“15 August 2017 ~ 5.0 out of 5 Stars** Are you a woman struggling to balance work and family? This book is a reference guide on how to manage both, Well! I am so grateful that I read this book before I start a family. This book is a road map on how to live, work, and raise a family in tandem. We have all seen it done but no one taught us how to do it, until now. Cheryl is refreshingly honest with her life struggles and gives specifics on how she overcomes them. What to do when this happens? What to look for when that happens? All of it. She also breaks down the age old myth of "having it all". Thank you Cheryl for this awesome life book! I will keep it as reference for years to come! ”

Angela Tennison

“9 March 2015 ~ 5.0 out of 5 stars** I bought this book for my wife who owns a thriving media firm, is the best networker I've ever met & is always striving to be better. However, she almost never has time for herself. This book is filled with useful tips to help her manage work-life better, while being inspirational and insightful for the modern superwoman I married. I really believe the author's insightful personal story & concepts for success will be invaluable for my wife's personal journey to success & happiness. I recommend it to every husband who values his wife's personal success story -- a great, supportive gift.”

Antal J. Voros

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