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Hosted in Singapore  on Nov 28 and 29, 2018  Curated for a small group of business leaders, entrepreneurs and founders who want to make 2019 their best year by embedding a unique, proven and science-backed high performance system in their work/business and life.

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These are exciting times in business with new technologies, disruptions and shifting demographics in our talent and customer pool. Volatility, Uncertainty, Chaos, and Ambiguity are words used to describe the current state of business.

Research has shown, however that high performance is still possible in the midst of all that is happening.

Perhaps you are struggling with staying focused with the changes that’s on-going to better influence your team or customers?

Or through your career and learning conversations, you find that you need more advanced tools and strategies of becoming more productive, influential and successful?

Leadership, mental toughness, high performance, communication and culture building are key to cultivating leaders for now and into the future.

I am looking for individuals who are committed to make that difference in their leadership journey towards delivering high performance for their team and themselves. I believe you are one.

 Hello, I am Cheryl Liew and as a certified high performance coach with a global practice, I am committed to work with you for their breakthrough or transit or pivot to successfully reach their goals based on the proven high performance framework for performance, achievement and execution.

 This is where the Success Catalyst Intensive, a 2-day of live training comes in.

"In true Asian Style, Cheryl provided a structured session of strategies of successful people and got us to list our actions that will prepare us for the change to lead a sustainable high performing life. In Cheryl's words, "Start by making those little tweaks.""

Louisa Lee
Serial/Parallel Entrepreneur. Winner of 2018 EY Award

Here's What You'll Learn at SUCCESS CATALYST LIVE

At Success Catalyst Intensive Live Event, you’ll learn FIVE critical concepts to reaching your full potential:

PSYCHOLOGY MASTERY will show you how to focus your mind, cultivate confidence, and make more positive decisions in life.

PHYSIOLOGY MASTERY will help you rediscover your body’s incredible energy and power by taking back control of your nutrition, workout routines, daily energy practices, and rejuvenation cycles.

PRODUCTIVITY MASTERY will give you practical tools and advanced strategies for discerning your priorities, managing your days, and accomplishing more with joy and sanity.

PEOPLE & PERSUASION MASTERY will help you influence others like the world’s most powerful speakers, leaders, and marketers so that you can get support for your dreams and make your difference.

And you will strengthen your EXECUTION MASTERY by installing the high performance system into your daily life that is unique, proven and science-backed system.

Then you get into a closed Facebook community who are on the same journey with you on execution phase for you to ask questions and support one another. How often we walk away with great intentions to execute our plans without accountability we often fail to do so. This community will keep you going in your momentum and be your tribe of supporter.


"Cheryl is an outstanding coach and individual who promotes the success for others. Her passion radiates and inspires people to find a better version of themselves. She is one of the most authentic people who really care for others' success. I wish her all the best and encourage more people to be inspired by her passion as much as I am!"

Fifi Henirawati Hoo
Former President Director at BP Castrol Indonesia, Now Founder of a Fintech Firm

Here's What You'll Get When You Enrol

When you enrol Success Catalyst Intensive, you receive your pass to the 2 days LIVE event. (Valued at SGD997)


  • You get a copy of Cheryl’s bestselling book. The 24-Hour Woman: How high achieving stressed women manage it all and still find happiness (Valued at SGD $26)
  • Access to Cheryl’s Confidence Mastery. This training is a deep dive into the integral phrases, techniques, and mental triggers you need for your to let your authentic self shine through in every situation (Valued at SGD$500)
  • Access to Cheryl’s Strategy Session for 2019 to be hosted live in mid December 2018 with recordings made available if you are not able to attend. An advanced goal attainment strategies, priority evaluation techniques, and scheduling systems for rapid progress and growth. (Valued at SGD$500)
  • Year-long access to Cheryl’s private online community for this class. (Valued at SGD$350)


Hello, I’m Cheryl Liew and I help ambitious, bold and purpose-driven business leaders and entrepreneurs to excel in their career/business and still live an engaging, happy and vibrant life. As an organization development strategist, I partner with C-suite leaders to evolve a contemporary, inclusive and high performing work culture in an ever-changing business environment.

Mom to 3 boys | Certified High Performance Coach for Women Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs | Bestselling Author | Keynote Speaker | Advisor to C-Suite Leaders | Senior Career Fellow, Nanyang Business School | Host of The 24-Hour Woman Podcast & Leadership Matters With Cheryl Liew Podcast | Alumni of INSEAD, George Washington University | World Traveller | Entrepreneur


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